Sweet Sitges

Our Chocolates

All Hand Made

All of our confections are truly handmade in small batches.  

You won't find any large industrial conveyer belts, large vat mixing machines, or 50L chocolate tempering machines in our kitchen.  You also won't find any automated wrapping machines. Nope, we also do all that by hand!

We think this makes a world of difference when you bite into one of our chocolates, knowing that we took the time and hand crafted this delectable morsel just for you.    

If you were to walk into our kitchen on any given day, here is what you might find us doing.

We typically start the day by taking our chocolate bars and other confections, like caramels, out of their molds and putting them into their wrappers or getting them ready for dipping or filling.

Next, we work on the fillings for our bonbons, peanut butter cups, and patties.  Then we move on to filling each bonbon, peanut butter cup and patty that was poured the previous night.  We'll  let these set before sealing each with more chocolate.

Depending on the day of the week, we might also be making caramels, caramel corn, lollipops, gummies or any other of our non-chocolate confections. But no matter what day it is, we are always working with chocolate!

Now it's on to tempering our chocolate that we'll use to seal our bonbons, dip caramels, cherries, patties, or peanut butter cups. And, of course, we’re always making more chocolate bars.  

Once all the chocolate work is out of the way we move on to wrapping, packaging and shipping!  

We  leave the freshly poured chocolates to set over night as we turn out the light and shut the door behind us so we can go home and dream of new sweets to create!