Sweet Sitges

how did we get here


How did 2 guys from the states start making chocolates in Sitges Spain?

Well, I can tell you, it was never planned. But the sweetest things in life rarely are!

Many years ago, I came across my husband's family recipe for caramels.  A home cook, I gave it a whirl and I was hooked.  This came as no surprise since I remember watching cooking shows when I was young instead of playing video games.  Can you call Pong a video game?  Being from Boston, Julia Child was my favorite.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at a restaurant in Cambridge, where I worked.  She ordered items to go and we chatted while she waited.  It’s not often we get to meet the people who inspire us and I’m grateful for every encounter.

I found a few other family candy recipes (English Toffee and Caramel Corn) and slowly expanded my candy making repertoire.  At first, I started making candies around the holidays as gifts for family and friends.

Fast forward many years later, we are living in Los Angeles with our two mini dachshunds (Zess & Weni) and needing a life reboot.  We loaded up the barge and moved to Sitges, Spain, (sort of like the Beverly Hillbillies). Basically we fast forwarded our 10-year plan into 3 months.   

There is a lot to do when moving to a different country.  After we settled, I started making candies and friends were telling us we should be selling them.  We had a little extra time on our hands and some great friends to  help and here we are!

Welcome to Sweet Sitges

Robbie & Dennis and Zess & Weni